24 month warranty

Warranty applies to DAXTONE product purchased exclusively from authorized distributors and will be approved only with proof of purchase and completely and legibly filled warranty card together with complaint protocol.

We recommend entrusting the installation of purchased product to a professional workshop. The guarantee does not cover malfunctions, faults or damages to the product occurring in the following cases:

  • - Installing the product against its destination,
  • - During use of the vehicle in a manner inconsistent with factory specifications,
  • - As a result of improper assembly or disassembly, not in accordance with factory requirements, instructions of vehicle manufacturer (basic installation instructions are provided in mechanics zone)
  • - As a result of impact or accident,
  • - Incomplete product, decomposed into constituent elements or bearing a trace of disassembly onto components,
  • - Seizure of hydraulic components,
  • - Failure to change the filter or high-pressure fuel lines for new during CR fuel system repair - inability to document the implementation,
  • - Use of improper fuel or fuel contaminated mechanically or chemically,
  • - Caused by disability of systems with which the product in question works.

In the event of malfunctions during the warranty period the user is obliged to immediately report this fact to place of purchase or at the place where service is provided to arrange the place and method of diagnosis and repair of the system. Do not attempt any unauthorized repair; such interference will result in the loss of legitimacy of claims.

If necessary, make a complaint of product, it must be delivered to the point of purchase by the claimant in the state in which it was dismantled. Other additional information and explanations are available at the hotline +48 59 848 11 36.