Assembly instructions for common rail injectors



This procedure is only a supplement to the instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Activities including a verification of the causes of damage, disassembly and reassembly of Common Rail system injectors should be carried out by skilled personnel having appropriate technical knowledge. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer, use recommended by him tools and adhere to the required safety rules. Prior to installation of the repaired injector verify and eliminate the cause of the previous failure. Before attempting to service Common Rail fuel supply system pay particular attention to the following:

1. Thoroughly clean the disassembled components and their immediate neighborhood. Installation of the elements of Common Rail technology must meet specific standards of purity during the service of injection system.
2. Repair system should include a thorough cleaning of the tank (i.e. rail) and high pressure lines. It is recommended to clean these elements in an ultrasonic bath or replaced with new ones.
3. At each stage of the repair of common rail injection system maintain adequate purity. In the presence of contaminants in the area of work you must suck them out.
4. All connections should be made with a torque specified by the vehicle or injection system manufacturer.
5. Verify the purity and quality of the fuel. If the presence of impurities in the fuel is confirmed, it is necessary to clean the tank, replace fuel filter and rinse the entire fuel system. In addition to the injectors provide for the verification the high pressure pump.

Installation steps of injectors:

1. Clean thoroughly direct area of assembly of the injectors from carbon deposits, oil and other pollutants, preventing them from entering inside the cylinder.
2. Thoroughly clean the socket of the injector head, sucking from it all pollution.
3. Use only new thermal-sealing washers of the correct size.
4. Plugs protecting holes should be removed after fuel injector mounted in the head immediately before attaching the high pressure pipe.
5. Install new high pressure lines connecting the tray with the injector.
6. Replace fuel filter.
7. New fuel filter must be filled with pure diesel.
8. Fill the fuel injection system in accordance with the procedure of vehicle manufacturer.
9. PAfter mounting the injectors (before starting the engine) delete errors from the current driver memory and enter the individual correction codes of operating characteristics of each of the injectors (classification group, IMA code or code C2i / C3i).

Source: ESI[tronic], Autodata.