General recomendations for assembly-disassembly of injectors

General recommendations

- Before starting the repair of injection system you must thoroughly clean components that will be removed and the nearest repair area. Installation of the elements requires compliance with the relevant quality standards required for injection systems, especially the CR – Common Rail,
- Each time, repair of the system should include thoroughly cleaning of the fuel tank of CR, so-called rail, it is recommended to wash it in an ultrasonic cleaner or replace with a new one and check the quality – purity of the fuel in the tank of repaired car,
- Keep absolute purity in every stage of repair of the injection system! Impurities should be extracted, not blown out.
- Fuel hole plugs should be applied / removed immediately after disconnection / before connection of each components. Plugs are disposable after use should be disposed of,
- During repair, it is essential to replace the fuel filter - after installation, fill it with diesel fuel,
- In CR system, you must first install the high pressure pump, then tray, injectors and high pressure lines, and finally connect the electrical wires,
- All connections should be tightened according to recommendations of injection system manufacturer using proper torque.
- During repair, be sure that the timing gear is correctly positioned and lock.
- Before first use the system should be vented.
- After assembling the system delete all error codes, if necessary, enter the necessary correction data of injectors operation.

When dismantling and refitting injectors:

- Clean the socket seat of the injector in the head and suck out impurities.
- Apply only new thermal - sealing washers.
- After installing the injectors (if required), it is important to verify or enter a new code of the injector to the engine controller.

Failure to follow these recommendations and guidelines may result in contamination of the system, which usually results in problems with starting the engine or its correct operation. Existing and verified malfunction of any component or problem should be reported to the parts seller or service performing the service immediately after its disclosure.

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